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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



To register as a new user, click on Register Now at the top of the window. You will be asked for your name, a username and password, and contact information, including your email address.
You must be at least 18 years of age to register!

What is a Dutch Auction?

Dutch Auctions are a format for selling multiples of the same item. Bidders can bid as much as they are willing to pay for as many of the available items they want. Winners are determined through a combination of the high bids and the available number of items. Here's an example of how it works: Seller has 10 items and wants to sell with an opening/lowest price of £5. Bidder 1 bids for 3 of them at a price of £25 Bidder 2 bids for 4 of them at a price of £15 Bidder 3 bids on 4 of them at a price of £15.75 - Bidder 3 is forced to bid at least another increment higher, in this case, £15.75. So the lowest bid in the dutch auctions raises the new minimum bid. Bidder 4 bids on 4 items at a price of £10. Here's how the winners pan out: Bidder 1 gets his 3 and pays £25 each Bidder 2 gets his 4 for £15.00 each Bidder 3 gets 3 of his 4 bid on (10 limit reached) for £15.75 each. Bidder 4 gets nothing since his bid wasn't high enough to compete for the 10 available items. With Dutch auctions, the system will not bid up for you ("proxy bidding") and what you bid IS your bid.

Proxy bidding

Proxy bidding for all bids: Please bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay for this item. Your maximum amount will be kept secret; will bid on your behalf as necessary by increasing your bid by the current bid increment up until your maximum is reached. This saves you the trouble of having to keep track of the auction as it proceeds and prevents you from being outbid at the last minute unless your spending limit is exceeded. Also, in case of a tie for high bidder, earlier bids take precedence. And, keep in mind that you cannot reduce your maximum bid at a later date. If you have bid on this item before, note that your new bid must be greater than your previous bid.

Binding contract

Binding contract: By placing a bid you are making a CONTRACT between you and the seller. Once you place a bid, you may not retract it. In some states, it is illegal to win an auction and not purchase the item. In other words, if you don't want to pay for it, don't bid!

Buyer and Seller Arrangements

The buyer and seller are responsible for making their own arrangements to conclude the deal by payment and shipment. This auction merely offers a venue for buying and selling. We will not, and legally cannot, be held responsible in any way for any lack of performance by any and all parties. We simply provide a place that allows people to buy and sell. HOWEVER, do let us know of any problems. We can and will close the account of anyone who abuses our auction.

How do I pay for an item?

If you are the highest bidder when an auction closes, the item is yours, and you will need to pay the seller according to the terms of the auction. You will receive an email notifying you of your winning bid. The email will contain contact information for the seller, as well as button so that you can see the total due (shipping, handling, etc.) In some cases, sellers may opt to do calculated shipping rather than charge a flat rate, in which case you will need to contact the seller for a total amount due. Most sellers will require payment either by PayPal or via Money Order.

Bidding Basics

Buying is easy on! Start by using the Search feature to find what you're looking for, or just browse the categories. To bid on an auction, first make sure your are registered and have logged in, then click the Bid button to enter your maximum bid amount. Remember, that this is an auction, and you can always be outbid, so be sure to add the item to your Watch List and check it often.
IMPORTANT: By placing a winning bid, you are entering into a binding contract with the seller to purchase the item. Non-paying bidders may have their accounts suspended or they may be permanently banned from

How do I retract a bid? doesn't currently have a mechanism for retraction. You will be asked to confirm your bid, so please take that opportunity to double-check your bid amount. Remember that if you are the winning bidder you are obligated to follow through with the transaction. If you believe that the description of an auction item has changed significantly since you placed your bid, you are encouraged to contact the seller directly to resolve the issue. If you are unable to come to a resolution, contact us at

Why did I get outbid at the last second?

Bidding at the last second is common in all online auctions. Many bidders will wait until the last possible moment to place their bid in an effort to protect them from becoming involved in a "bidding war." We don't encourage last second bidding, or "sniping," for the sole reason that if your timing is off, or there is some type of delay in your information being sent through the Internet, your bid may not be placed before the item bidding time ends. The best strategy for a successful bid is to use proxy bidding. That is, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an item. When another Bidder has posted a higher bid,'s proxy bidding will automatically bid for you, up to the maximum amount you have entered.

What is a Reserve Price?

Sellers will occasionally set a Reserve Price that is above the minimum starting bid, in an effort to make sure that they do not sell an item for less a specific amount. If a reserve price is in effect, then the seller does not have to sell the item unless the high bid meets or exceeds the reserve. Auctions with a reserve price will be noted in their listing, describing whether the reserve has been met or not. The actual amount of the reserve price may or may not be revealed to bidders in the auction description. When you submit a bid on a reserve price auction, one of three things might happen: (1) If the reserve has already been met, then your bid will be submitted at one increment above the next highest competitor, in the same manner as an auction without a reserve price. (2) If the reserve has not been met, and your maximum bid is also less than the reserve, then your bid will be entered at one increment above the next highest competitor. (3) If the reserve has not been met, but your maximum bid is enough to meet the reserve, then your bid will be entered at one increment above the next highest competitor and at that point, the item will sell to the highest bidder. If your maximum was above the seller's reserve, then's proxy bidding will defend your bid, up to your maximum. If you are the highest bidder at auction close but the reserve was not met, then seller is not obligated to complete the transaction.

How do I view auctions that I am bidding on?

First, click on My Control Panel at the top of the page. Then click on the Buying tab, and you will be able to see any items you are watching or bidding on.

How do I upload photos to my auction?

When you list an item, allows you to upload up to 5 photos to the image gallery - however photos can't have a file size bigger 200Kb (204,800 bytes). If you don't have photo editing software to re-size your photos, you can download FastStone Photo Resizer for free by going HERE. Alternately, you can host your photos with a free service like Flickr or Photobucket, and then link to them in your listing. (After you've uploaded the photo, copy the link. Then, go to your auction listing description and click on the photo button.)

Can I leave feedback for a buyer/seller?

You can leave feedback for a buyer or seller after an auction has closed. The feedback at is a simple positive/negative/neutral system. A feedback score is calculated on a percentage basis - for instance, five out of five positive feedback ratings equals an overall rating of 100%. To see your own feedback, or leave feedback for others, login and click on My Control Panel on the top of the page, then click on the My Account tab. Remember, members should do everything they can to resolve an issue before leaving negative feedback.

What is your policy on copyright infringement? is essentially an open marketplace, and it is up to individual sellers to insure that items they are listing do not violate copyright law. is obligated to comply with UK Copyright law and may remove auctions in violation of copyright at the request of affected intellectual property owners.

What features does offer? actually has a great list of features, including some things even the "big guy" doesn't offer. Auction features include: - Dutch Auction - Buy It Now - Image Gallery (upload up to 5 images for FREE) - Proxy Bidding - Extended Auction Durations (up to 2 weeks!) - Message Board


Auction picture - How to create a thumnail

1. click on upload picture->choose file (pick your image you want)
2. upload your picture (the picture should show on the top now) --> press cancel if you do not want to crop the image or scroll you mouse on the image and select your cropping size then choose save thumnail.)
3.Make sure the default has been checked.)
**The default will be your thumbs image you should see everywhere

If an item does not sell can I relist?

If your item does not sell, you can relist as many as you'd like. To relist an item, login and go to your control panel, then click on the Selling tab. Next, click on the Closed Auctions link, then find your auction and click Relist.

How do I list an item?

To get started, click on the Sell an Item button in the main menu at the top of the page. 1. You'll need to select your category. If you don't see a category that matches your item exactly, choose the Other option. We reserve the right to remove listings. 2. Type in your item title and a description. The Description box includes a full featured text editor so that you can customize fonts, colors, etc. You can also link to a photo from a photo album site, like Flickr or Photobucket. 3. Upload photos to the photo gallery. You can upload up to five photos to the gallery, however file sizes can not exceed 100k. 4. Set the options for your listing. Options include Item Qty., Starting Bid, Shipping Fee, Reserve and Buy it Now, Starting Date, Auction Duration, Shipping Terms, and Payment Method. When you have completed your listing, click on Submit Auction at the bottom of the page.

How do I request payment for an item?

You will choose your payment method when you set up your auction listing. Payment options - cash or money transfer on seller's bank account. Once the auction has closed you will automatically receive an email with the buyer's contact information.


Item Watch

Item watch notifies you when someone bids on the auctions that you have added to your Item Watch.

Site is Under Construction and Testing

What is Buy-It-Now?

Buy-It-Now is an exciting optional enhancement to your listings. As a seller, if you choose to use the Buy-It-Now feature at the time of listing, you will be able to name a price at which you would be willing to sell your item to any buyer who meets your specified price. Your listing will be run as a normal auction, but will now feature a Buy-It-Now price. Buyers will have the option to buy your item instantly without waiting for the listing to end or can bid on your item as usual.

Why use Buy-It-Now?


Buyers Sellers
Buy items without having to wait for the auction to end. Sell your items fast, without waiting for the auction to end.
Quick, easy, and convenient way to shop for the holidays. Quick, easy, and convenient way to sell items.
The choice to buy first or bid! Get potential buyers to act on your items earlier
Buy an item at a fair price. Sell your item for the price you want.

How do I know an auction has a Buy-It-Now price?

It's easy! Look for the Buy-It-Now icon: on search results page, and the item page itself.


How To Bid

1. Register - You must be registered.
2. Learn more about the seller - Read the opinions of other users for the seller.
3. Learn more about the item - read the items description and ask any questions before bidding.
4. Ask a question - If you still have questions, then please contact the seller.


Getting Registered

In order to buy or sell, you'll need to register for a user account. Sign-up only takes a few minutes. To register as a new user, click on Register Now at the top of the homepage. You will be asked for your name, username, password, contact information, including your email address and phone number (required). Registration info will only be used to verify your identification, and will not be given or sold to third parties. (For more on this, be sure to read our Privacy Policy.) You must be at least 18 years of age to register!

No verification e-mail sent by system?

Check your spam box. If you still have not received the verification email you can Contact Us and we will try resending it.

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any problems or suggestions - feel free to Contact Us.

Fees & Charges

Basic Fees

Coming Soon...

This page sets out the fees charged by There are no fees for browsing the site or using the services of the site, unless otherwise clearly stated.

There are no charges for buyers, such as buyer's premium charged by many auction houses, and no charges for just browsing or searching the site, but you do need to register if you decide to bid on an item or use other facilities of the site.

Final bid Fee
When an item sells, charges a commission on the final bid value of your auction. This is a percentage fee on a sliding scale as shown below:

Final Bid Value Commission Charged

Fee Comparison with other leading auction sites 

(Exc. VAT) (Inc. VAT)
For amounts Up to £50 4.5% 5.4%
For the remaining £50 to £200 4% 4.8%
For the remaining £200 to £1000 3% 3.6%
For the remaining £1000 upward 1.5% 1.8%

VAT current rate is 20%

Note (Inc VAT) column shows the commission fees inclusive of VAT

These fees are charged to the seller for a "normal" auction. In effect the person who places the auction pays the fees.

Commission fees are charged to your account immediately a listing closes successfully and are not refundable. If a Buyer fails to make payment for an item, a commission fee refund is made only when the Procedures for non-paying bidders (NPB) has been followed and completed.

Optional Feature & Enhancement Fees

You may choose to have your auction stand out from the rest by paying optional additional fees.

  • Your item takes priority and appears first in the listings.
  • Items listed in bold face to stand out.

These fees are charged regardless of whether the auction is successful or not, however an item maybe re-listed as many times as required without incurring the charge again.

Note: VAT at the current rate of 20% will be added to figures shown below

Featured £2
Instant Buy Free
First picture: Free
Next picture: £0.10

Fee Comparison

Registration fee: - -
Listing fees:    
£0.01 - £4.99 15p Free
£5 - £14.99 25p Free
£15 - £29.99 50p Free
£30 and up £1.00 Free
£100 and up £1.30 Free
Reserve price fees:    
£50 - £99.99 £1 + 3% of reserve price Free
£100 or more £1.30 + 3% of reserve price, up to £150 Free
Re-listing fees: Same as listing fee refunded if item sells Free
Success fees (Final Value):    
Max - Min: 10% (up to a max. of £40) 4.5%- 1.5%
Enhancements /Options:    
Subtitle: 35p included in featured
Featured £8.65 £2.00
Buy it Now/ Instant Buy 40p Free
First picture: Free Free
Next picture @ 12p 10p
Re-lists All fees apply again Free!

This table was last Updated 1st May 2011 and displays prices correct at that time as we understand them

Image Upload

How do I upload my pictures?

You can upload up to 5 pictures.
To upload your pictures follow the steps below.
1. Select the file to upload: Press browse and guide windows explorer to the folder which includes your picture you want to upload. Select that by double clicking on the file.
2. Upload file: Once you have selected the picture it is ready to be uploaded on to our servers. Click upload to complete this procedure.
You will need to repeat steps 1. and 2. for each picture you want to upload.
When you upload the first image or set one as the default you will need to create a thumbnail for it.

Once finished uploading your pictures and choosing your default click on the "Create Gallery button" to save everything.
You can always return and add or remove pictures or modify your default picture.
*Note: If you have modified the default and cropped it, to update your viewed thumbnail image press Reload.
The page will refresh and your newly selected default thumbnail image will show.
We have attached some images of the image upload page.

How do I crop my thumbnail picture?

Cropping your thumbnail image: If you want to crop your thumbnail image click on the Default box next to the picture you want to use.
The cropping tool will appear on the top of the page. Drag your mouse over the image highlighting the section you want. This can be modified and moved. Once you are happy with your selection press "save thumbnail" to save your selection. If it is your first cropped image it will appear on the page under the thumbnail list. If it does not appear or you still see the previous selected thumbnail press reload to refresh the page and see your newly selected cropped image.
Pressing "cancel" will cancel the cropping procedure AND set the complete image as your default.


Additional upload page images





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